Blackwater Buffer

What is a buffer and why do I need one?

A buffer is a circuit that takes the high input impedance signal from your guitar and turns it into a low output impedance signal. Buffers can lessen the high end roll off and loss of dynamics that happens when you run through long cables or several true bypass pedals.

A basic test is to play your guitar straight into your amp using a very short cable. This is your pure unaltered tone. Note the sound, feel and clarity coming out of your amp. Next, plug your guitar into your usual stage cables along with your pedal board and listen to the dry signal.  More than likely what you will notice is when you add in the extra capacitance of longer cable runs and going through several true-bypass pedals your tone will have a little less body and the high end frequencies will be rolled off, robbing your tone of crispness and clarity.  Who is to say that's a bad thing?  Some people use this to their advantage when using a bright guitar or amp.  Other players want as much of that "plugged straight in" tone and feel as they can achieve, and a good buffer will give you that.

These work great early on in your signal chain and the 1590A enclosure takes up very little space on your pedal board.   

Bring back the sparkle, tone, and feel!

- Small 1590A enclosure

- Requires 9V power (Standard BOSS style center negative plug)

- Quality Neutrik input and output jacks

- Road ready insulated circuit board for durability

- Hand finished and hand wired by a single builder in the USA

Now Only $57