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Exoplex Preamp/Boost

The Maestro EP-3 Echoplex tape echo unit was put into production in the early 70's and found a spot in history as both an echo unit and as an amazing preamp.  The EXOPLEX draws from the original tone of the EP-3 when used as a preamp and puts it in a small case that will easily fit on your pedal board. This isn't another transparent boost that just bumps up the volume. You can leave the pedal on all the time with the volume low and you'll have that warm, fat clean tone you've been looking for or crank up the volume and stomp on it when you need a boost (up to 20 dB!). The Exoplex now comes with two external toggle switches to make sure that it matches your rig perfectly and allows you to get the tones of both the early and the later model EP-3. The first toggles between the "Normal" and "Bright" settings for use with darker amps or when you need more high end, and the second switches between the "Flat"  and "Fat" settings.‚Äč The Exoplex is a stompbox that can be used equally well as an "always on" tone enhancer with the EP3 flavor or as an awesome boost pedal for hitting the front end of your amp when you really need to shine.