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Flight 808

​​All DCW "Flight Series" pedals are authentic, vintage-based recreations of classic designs.  Yet another Tubecreamer!  While I offer the Tradition Overdrive, which is my version of the Tubesreamer circuit with my favorite mods, I have had many requests for a high quality, vintage correct TS808. Some players don't want clipping switches and extra knobs for more of this or that... they just want the real deal! There is nothing better than the classic for certain rigs, so with the Flight 808 I try to recreate that vintage Tubescreamer.  Some builders strip out the input and output buffers on their mid hump pedals, but I leave both of these in place and use 2SC1815 transistors.  Some builders also use a linear tone pot because they are readily available, but this changes the feel of the tone pot and can limit the usable range of the tone control.  The original 808 uses a less common, G/W/S tapered tone pot.  This pot allows for greater control over the middle of the sweep (the part that you actually end up using), so that is what I use as well.  You will find the legendary 4558 chip under the hood (and yes it is socketed in case you like to experiment without needing to solder). Many people eventually send their 808's to get modded to be true bypass.  This does not change the tone of the pedal when it is engaged, but it does keep your bypassed signal from being changed when the pedal is turned off.  The hand crafted Flight 808 is already wired for true bypass and that is the only change from that old vintage Tubescreamer you fell in love with.

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