"Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! 
Great guy and a great product... 
Shipped quickly and the pedal sounds fantastic... Very Happy! Thanks Dustin!"


Scott from CA

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"Great builder, excellent quality, and quick shipper! Definitely one of the best, will buy again!!"


William from GA

"Oh My!  This thing sounds far better than I even expected, overdrive EQ-ed in all the right places: creamy, thick and sparkly! "

Mark from MD

"Dustin is a fine fellow and a fine builder... don't find that as much these days.  Recommend highly!"

Rick from CA

"Best Klon Klone I've heard to date.  Nearly identical in character to my gold Klon Centaur from '97.  So similar in fact that it's difficult to hear and describe the difference between the two!"

Mark from CA

"Quality product, great communication and fast shipment!  Cant go wrong!  Will buy another in a blink"

James from TX

"Got the buffer on Saturday... finally had a chance to fire it up today.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Great job dude. Very natural sounding. Thanks for the awesome work.  "


Brian from OH

"Three gigs with the ZAZ this weekend.  Great pedal.  Perfect lead overdrive!"

Joe from TX

"This should be 5 stars +.  Outstanding. Great pedal featuring immaculate workmanship, stellar communication every step of the way, extremely fast shipping.  On top of everything, the price is more than reasonable.  Scoop up these pedals while you can!


Andrew from CA

"Just received the ZAZ Drive and plugged it in and WOW!!!!  It is a fantastic pedal. I have numerous "dirt" pedals and the ZAZ Drive will be one of my favorites.  Even though I turn up the gain, it still retains the sound of my guitar and has NONE of the harshness of some other drives/distortions.  I called a few of my friends who are looking forward to demoing the pedal this weekend. In the near future I plan on getting another of your pedals. Keep up the good work."


Kurt from CO

"Thanks for the pedal.  Timely delivery. Glad to add it to my pedal board."   

Will from IL

"Buy one of these buffers.  You will not be disappointed!"

Justin from CA

"Great seller and quick shipping.  Pedal is fantastic and after only a couple days of using it, it has taken over as my main overdrive.  I would definitely recommend purchasing from DCW Pedals!"


Daniel from HI

"This pedal sounds great!  It's dead quiet and sits perfect with what's on my board. I ordered a custom label and the pedal still shipped super fast!! Thanks!!"


Christopher from CA

"Seriously impressed.  I might have to buy another one for my son because he won't give it back."


Kyle from KY

"Dude you did it again!  This is my third pedal from you and they all make me smile when I step on them.  Thanks a ton"


Joe from FL

Great transaction all around. Dustin is a great guy to deal with, product is top notch!

John from VA

“The pedal arrived today, I put it through the paces and it's a keeper. One of my concerns with using pedals is hiss and yours is dead quiet. I've been through a ton of drive pedals over the years and am always looking for a certain something that one has and the other doesn't.  I kick myself for not trying one sooner.  This pedal has character (for lack of words).  The mids work perfect for my application.  I could tell right off the bat that it's going to punch through the live mix like my vintage pedal does and the bonus is a sweeter low end!! I opened it up and am pleased with the layout/build quality of your work.  Nice Job!


Gordon from IL

Your guitar tone is part of what identifies you as a player. If you are like me, you have spent countless hours surfing online forums, reading reviews, and demoing pedals in guitar shops searching for that missing link in your rig. I hope that I can help you find exactly what you have been looking for.  Thanks for taking the time to look around and feel free to email me any time with questions you may have.

                                              - Dustin Wagoner


Crafted from the ground up!

All drilling, powder coating, and screen printing is done in house. Circuit boards are cut and populated piece by piece with components using through-hole construction and all pedals are wired by a single builder with no board mounted pots or hardware. The result is a high quality piece of gear that provides a distinct look and great tone.

Welcome to DCW Pedals!

Great sounding, hand crafted pedals built from quality through hole parts at surprisingly reasonable prices. DCW Pedals are not mass produced, each pedal is hand-finished and hand-wired by a single builder in the USA.   

"Absolutely nails what I wanted in an overdrive.  I will be sending folks your way, this couldn't have been a better experience.  Thank you!"


Zakk from NV

"Outstanding! Very impressed with the pedal; boost sounds fantastic and is incredibly useful. Could not have had a better experience. "

George from MD

What Customers Say About DCW Pedals

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