Sunrise Overdrive​ Deluxe

​​Everything that you love about the original Sunrise, now with an additional boost setting. The mini toggle switch is an order switcher, which allows you to place the boost before the drive circuit for a bolder overdriven tone with more gain, or place the boost after the drive circuit to keep the original drive tone but with more volume for a clean solo boost. The amount of boost is adjustable via the Boost knob. The boost circuit is completely independent of the drive side, meaning that even with the drive turned off, you are able to switch on the boost side for pushing your amp or boosting other pedals. 

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Sunrise Overdrive

The Sunrise Overdrive is both subtle and sweet. The idea behind the Sunrise Overdrive, and any other Bluesbreaker style overdrive, is to recreate the desirable dynamic qualities of a Model 1961/1962 Marshall “Bluesbreaker” amplifier turned up right to the edge of breakup. When played softly, the guitar remains warm and clean. When you dig in with your picking dynamics, the overdrive really begins to bark and gives that unmistakable feel and breakup sound. It allows you to set a tube amp at a reasonable volume and make it sound and feel as if it were much louder, in order to get that pure tube-driven overdrive that we all love. The Sunrise Overdrive doesn’t completely overhaul your tone, it just adds a bit of smooth, warm overdrive with a touch of compression and tight low end.

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