Sunrise Overdrive​ Deluxe

​​The sound of the Sunrise, now with an additional JFET boost setting. The Deluxe version does away with the high cut toggle from the original and replaces it with a boost circuit and an order toggle. Place the boost before the drive circuit for more gain, or place the boost after to keep the original drive tone but with more volume for a clean solo boost. The amount of boost is adjustable via the Boost knob. The clarity of the boost is adjustable via an internal bias control, so you can set it up to be a completely clean boost or a saturated dirty boost and anywhere in between. The boost circuit is completely independent of the drive side, meaning that even with the drive turned off, you are able to switch on the boost side for pushing your amp or boosting other pedals.  This pedal is now available in a "horizontal" layout for those who like footswitches a little farther apart, and a "vertical" format for those who need to conserve pedal board real estate.

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Double Sunrise Overdrive

​​Everything that you love about the original Sunrise, doubled! Cascading BB style overdrives are very popular, with good reason, they sound great! The mini toggles are high-cut switches that offer three levels of high end tweaking to match your rig.  Smooth the high end of single coils that don't usually play well with standard overdrives. Both sides are completely independent, so they can be used separately or stacked to come up with your perfect overdriven tone. 

Sunrise Overdrive​

The idea behind the Sunrise Overdrive, and any other Bluesbreaker style overdrive, is to recreate the desirable dynamic qualities of a Model 1961/1962 Marshall “Bluesbreaker” amplifier turned up right to the edge of breakup. When played softly, the guitar remains warm and clean. When you dig in with your picking dynamics, the overdrive really begins to bark and gives that unmistakable feel and breakup sound. I've also included a three way high-cut toggle to match the drive to your rig perfectly. The Sunrise Overdrive doesn’t completely overhaul your tone, it just adds a bit of smooth, warm overdrive with a touch of compression and tight low end.

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