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ODR Mod Deluxe

The ODR Mod Deluxe takes the ODR-1 circuit to the next level.  This pedal includes all of the quality upgrades that come with the ODR Mod as well as an independent JFET boost option.  The included toggle switch lets you place the boost before or after the overdrive section.  If you wish your ODR had a footswitchable volume boost for solos, place the boost circuit second in line.  If you wish your ODR had a bit more gain and drive available at times, place the boost first in the signal path. The boost is independent, meaning that it can be used with or without the overdrive being on. The clarity of the boost is adjustable via an internal bias control, so you can set it up to be a completely clean boost or a saturated dirty boost and anywhere in between.  All the ODR tones of the original unit, now with the option of more volume or more gain, and the ability to dial back the huge low end.   


The ODR Mod is a hand wired and hand finished pedal based on the Nobels ODR-1 overdrive circuit.  The main complaint with the original pedal is that the build quality is somewhat questionable and that the bass is a bit overpowering for anything more than a tele bridge pickup. The ODR Mod is built with quality components, like a professional grade 3PDT footswitch wired for true bypass, quality Neutrik input and output jacks and Alpha pots with dust seals and also incorporates a bass cut option.  With the bass knob rolled all the way up you will have that massive low end of the original pedal, but this pot allows you to dial that back a bit if you are using a humbucker equipped guitar or darker pickups.  The ODR-1 is often referred to as "Nashville's favorite overdrive", now with the ODR Mod you can have all those session tones of the original in a durable package with even more flexibility.   

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