Can I order my pedal with top mounted jacks?

Most pedals are able to be built using top mounted jacks for a small customization fee.  Send me a message and I can let you know based on the model.

I don't use Reverb, can I still order a pedal?

Absolutley.  If you don't use Reverb for purchases for any reason, or you would just like to have a more personal buying experience, just send me a message using the CONTACT page or directly at  We can set up a PayPal invoice exchange via email. 

Warranty Information and Returns:

DCW Pedals come with a standard ONE YEAR limited warranty against defects for the original buyer.

Pedals are not under warranty if an incorrect power supply is used, if there are signs of obvious abuse or other damage caused by anything other than normal use, or if the pedal has been opened/tampered with.

Warranty does not cover enclosure cosmetics. 

If the pedal falls within the warranty guidelines above, you will need to ship the pedal to me and the repairs (including parts and labor) will be done free of charge. If the pedal does not fall within the warranty guidelines above, I will still gladly repair your pedal, but there will be a fee for parts, labor and/or shipping.  

Refunds are only available on stock pedals arriving with a builder or mechanical defect and need to be postmarked to return within one week of the buyer receiving the pedal.  All questions regarding pedals should be submitted before initial purchase.  See my shop policies listed on for returns through Reverb.

Custom pedals are non-refundable due to their unique nature, but do come with a one year warranty against defects like any other pedal.  

Please use the contact page for any other questions regarding returns and warranty before initial purchase.

Do you do custom pedals?

Some custom pedals are worked into the build schedule as time permits.  These usually are limited to color swaps or combinations of currently offered pedals. Build times are longer than stock pedals, and there is usually a customization fee for the one off nature of the pedal.

More questions?

Feel free to message me via the CONTACT page.

How long before my pedal arrives and how do you ship your pedals?

No long waiting lists here!  I try to get my pedals in your hands as soon as possible. Standard models are shipped within 72 hours of payment and custom pedals are usually built within 1-2 weeks. All pedals ship via insured USPS Priority Mail. Tracking numbers will be provided to the buyer once the pedal is in route. 

What type of power should I use?

All DCW Pedals require a standard "Boss style" 9V DC adapter with a center negative ground. Battery clips are not included. I recommend using a high-quality isolated power supply for best results.  Some pedals can handle 18V for higher headroom, but some cannot.  The Klone and Exoplex Vintage Preamp both require 9V only, any higher and damage will occur.  These both use charge pumps that internally bump up the supplied 9V to a higher internal voltage, so they expect to see a regulated 9V going into them.  All models should have their voltages listed on their respective pages.  Start with 9V center negative because this is safe for all models.  Refer to the website or send me a message.

Are DCW Pedals made in the USA?

Every DCW Pedal is made in West Virginia, USA.  I drill out the boxes, powder coat the finish, and silk screen/screen print the labels on every box. The boards are hand populated with through hole parts and all pots and hardware are hand wired with flying leads. Boards are secured and the rest of the pedal is finished up before testing and packing. Every step of the build is completed by a single builder and nothing is farmed out to any other company.

Do you offer international shipping?

​Sorry, I currently only ship pedals within the USA.