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After many requests, I am offering handmade recreations of the famous Klon Centaur. There are a ton of "Klones" out there that try to imitate the original pedal, as well as those that try to enhance the circuit. This Klone has no major tweaks or adjustments from the original unit. All values used in this pedal are the same as those used in an original traced pedal, with special exception made for the “unidentified” diodes. The diodes used in the original pedal have caused a lot of conversation and evoked descriptions of being "magical", "mythical", "unobtainium", "fairy dust" etc. In the end, the identity is less important than the characteristics of the diodes, such as the forward voltage and the way they perform in the actual circuit. A number of diodes were tested and the Russian D9E has been found to be a winning work-alike and an authentic tonal match. These pedals require a standard 9V Boss style isolated power supply and do not come with battery provisions. This pedal includes the famous buffered bypass, just like the original. These pedals are hand-painted and hand-wired using quality components by a single builder using through hole construction. Neutrik jacks, Alpha pots with dust seals, metal film resistors, FS3PDT-PRO footswitches and vintage NOS Russian military grade D9E germanium diodes.

Now Only $139 USD