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Muskrat Distortion

If you are looking for a wide range dirty distortion pedal, you are in the right place. Drawing from the original rodent based pedal, the MUSKRAT offers tones that can make a small combo amp feel like a filthy wall of sound. There is plenty of volume on hand to push your amp, and the CUT knob allows you to roll off the high end so it will never be overly harsh and in your face, unless of course that's what you are going for. The gain knob allows you to dial in boost, grit, crunch, or crank it wide open to get into fuzz territory with a bit of sag.  As a bonus, I've also included a three way switch that lets you choose between different clipping modes. "Silicon Mode" uses asymmetrical silicon diodes that will give you more volume and less compression than a typical Rat, and will feel a bit more open with added clarity.  "Turbo Mode" uses LEDs and silicon diodes for clipping and will be more dynamic than a standard Rat, but will be tighter and less fizzy than a Turbo Rat. The middle position, "Boost Mode", removes all clipping diodes from the circuit and gives you access to lower gain tones, making the MUSKRAT an even more versatile dirty dream!