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Tradition Overdrive

Pedals become classics for a reason. The Ibanez Tubescreamer TS808 is probably the most popular pedal of all time, and it is also the framework for several other well-loved pedals. With the Tradition, I’m passing on the story with some of my favorite plot twists. I’ve extended the gain range on both ends of the dial, meaning that you will be able to get less drive and more drive than a stock TS808. I’ve done the popular “amp-like” dynamic mod which changes the symmetrical diode arrangement to an asymmetrical arrangement.  A FAT knob allows you to cut, retain, or boost the low end to fit your needs. No TS style pedal would be complete without the famous 4558 IC chip. As with all my pedals, this chip is mounted in an IC chip socket, meaning no soldering is necessary if you want to experiment with your favorite op-amp chip. This pedal is also handwired for true bypass switching, meaning the pedal will not alter your bypassed tone.

Now Only $119 USD