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Hands of Time Duo

​All the same tones from the original, now doubled! This pedal features two independently controlled delay circuits, allowing you to set up two totally different delay sounds without having shared controls. Set one side up for a slapback delay and the other for an epic, volume boosted solo sound. Set one up for a regular delay sound, and the other for a runaway ambient wash. There are countless options. If you want a couple of great delay sounds on hand that are easy to tweak without having to scroll through menus full of options, the Hands of Time Duo is for you!

- 9V center negative power required (No internal battery connections)
- Less than 75mA current draw 
- Analog direct signal path, digital PT2399 delay chip for vintage tone
- 25ms to ~450ms of delay
- Capable of boosting your signal for added volume
- Hand wired using through hole construction, no SMD parts
- In-house powder coated and screen printed enclosures
- 125B enclosure 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm)
- True bypass 3PDT switching
- Quality Neutrik input and output jacks
- Real Alpha pots with dust seals
- Free shipping anywhere in the USA

Now Only $149 USD

​NOTE: This pedal is offered with two different footswitch options a Series wiring option and also A/B Master Bypass option.

- Series will be like having two delay pedals in line. You turn off both sides independently, and the circuits are able to be stacked. One delay feeds into the other. Essentially two delay pedals in a row in one convenient box.  This is the most common wiring and the one I suggest to most buyers.

- A/B and Master Bypass will have one on/off switch and one "toggle" switch. One switch will turn the delay on and off, the other will toggle between the two settings/circuits. This allows you to switch between two settings with one stomp, but it does not allow stacking of the delay circuits. There will be a two color LED indicator that is always on to let you know which delay circuit is currently selected.

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Hands of Time Chaos

Take control of the hands of time!  All the same tones from the original, now with an added Chaos switch.  The Chaos switch is a soft feel momentary switch that essentially cranks the repeats to the maximum setting while you hold it down, allowing the pedal to run off into self oscillating madness underneath your playing. Create cool atmospheric tones, wavering pads, or raging chaos with this feature and then release the switch to instantly go back to a normal delay sound with no trailing.  Some delay pedals build up to unpleasant volumes as the layers stack during the self oscillation process, the volume just feeds more volume and it becomes unbearable.  This is solved by implementing a current-control LED to keep the delay from clipping and running away to volumes that would otherwise deafen your audience.  Now you can get infinite repeats and other runaway sounds that you can actually use.  ​

​Now Only $189 USD

Now Only $129 USD

Hands of Time Delay

​Take control of the hands of time! The Hands of Time is a vintage inspired PT2399 delay pedal that works equally well with clean signals and distorted tones to get those warm repeats. The DELAY knob shifts the time of the delay sounds from 25ms to around 450 ms. The REPEATS knob can do one repeat all the way up to infinitely repeating, self-oscillating madness. The MIX knob adjusts how much of the wet repeated signal is mixed in with the analog direct signal. This delay pedal features a volume knob that allows you to dial in a perfect unity gain setting on any amp, or you can set it up as a boosted delay. With one stomp you can bump up your volume and add ambiance to your solos. The delay is structured in a way to set behind your initial note with a darker repeat, so it adds thickness without washing out your playing. The pedal is true bypass so your dry signal is not altered and the delay effect does not trail or spillover after it is turned off. Old school tape slapback, smooth repeats, dark ambient echoes, and wild oscillation are all obtainable with the Hands of Time.