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Hands of Time Delay

Take control of the hands of time!  The Hands of Time is a vintage inspired delay pedal that works equally well with clean signals and distorted tones to get those tape style repeats. The DELAY knob shifts the time of the delay sounds from 30ms to around 450 ms. The REPEATS knob can do one repeat all the way up to infinitely repeating, self-oscillating madness. The MIX knob adjusts how much of the wet repeated signal is mixed in with the dry guitar tone.  

This delay pedal features a volume knob that allows you to dial in a perfect unity gain setting on any amp, or you can set it up as a boosted delay.  With one stomp you can bump up your volume and add ambiance to your solos.  The delay is structured in a way to set behind your initial note with a darker repeat, so it adds thickness without washing out your playing.  Old school tape slapback, smooth repeats, dark ambient echos, and wild oscillation are all obtainable with the Hands of Time.