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Exoplex Vintage Preamp

The Maestro EP-3 Echoplex tape echo unit was put into production in the early 1970's and found a spot in history as both an echo unit and as an amazing preamp. The EXOPLEX Vintage Preamp draws from the original tone/circuit of the EP-3 when used as a preamp and puts it in a small case that will easily fit on your pedal board.   I’ve included a toggle switch that will switch you between the early version of the unit (which was a bit brighter/clearer) and the later version (which was darker/fatter). There is also a hybrid setting that allows you to split the difference for the best of both worlds.  This pedal can be powered with a standard 9V center negative power supply, or you can plug in 18V for different tonal options. While the pedal is capable of a slight volume boost in certain settings, it is intended to be an always on preamp used for its slight phase shift and fattening tone enhancement.   For an “EP-3 Like” tone with true volume boost capabilities, check out the DCW Pedals Exoplex Preamp/Boost, and for the most authentic circuit to the original vintage EP-3 preamps, this DCW Pedals Exoplex Vintage Preamp is your best option.

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