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Exoplex Vintage Preamp

​The Maestro EP-3 Echoplex tape echo unit was put into production in the early 1970's and found a spot in history as both an echo unit and as an amazing preamp. The EXOPLEX Vintage Preamp draws from the original tone/circuit of the EP-3 when used as a preamp and puts it in a small case that will easily fit on your pedal board.  I’ve included a toggle switch that will switch you between the early version of the unit (which was brighter/crisp) and the later version (which was darker/fatter). There is also a hybrid setting that allows you to split the difference for the best of both worlds. There is an internal charge pump that supplies the circuit with the actual voltage of the original Echoplex (21-22V) for total authenticity. While the pedal is capable of a slight volume boost in certain settings, it is intended to be an always on preamp used last in your chain for its slight phase shift and fattening tone enhancement. Bring a new level of complexity to your amp!  

​- 9V center negative power only (Additional voltage will cause damage)
- No internal battery connections
- ~150mA current draw
- Internal charge pump for higher voltage using a standard 9V input
- Hand wired using through hole construction, no SMD parts
- External toggle switch for various sounds
- In-house powder coated and screen printed enclosures
- 1590B enclosure 4.43 in x 2.38 in x 1.22 in (113 mm x 60 mm x 31 mm)
- True bypass 3PDT switching
- Quality Neutrik input and output jacks
- Real Alpha pots with dust seals
- Free shipping anywhere in the USA
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