Woodsman Deluxe

Everything that you love about the original Woodsman, now with an additional boost setting. The center mini toggle switch is an order switcher, which allows you to place the boost before the drive circuit for a bolder overdriven tone with more gain, or place the boost after the drive circuit to keep the original drive tone but with more volume for a solo boost.  The amount of boost is adjustable via the Boost knob.  Yes, the boost circuit is completely independent of the drive side, meaning that even with the drive turned off, you are able to switch on the boost side for pushing your amp or boosting other pedals.  

Now Only $159 USD

Shop My Store on Reverb
Shop My Store on Reverb

Now Only $119 USD

Woodsman Drive

The Woodsman is a drive pedal with attitude and punch!  The gain on this pedal can take you from medium through heavy overdriven tones, while still remaining articulate.  The symmetrical overdrive is dynamic with a British flavor, great for getting Marshall tones with a slight mid boost. Some pedals lack low end and just sound too thin with certain rigs. Other pedals have so much low end they become flabby in a live mix. This is why I have included the FAT knob. Adjust the Tone knob to your desired setting and then dial in as much low end response as you need. This really helps thicken up single coils and brighter amps. The Woodsman is a great drive pedal for a live band situation and works great as a stand alone overdrive for single channel amps.