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ZAZ Drive Deluxe

Everything that you love about the original ZAZ Drive, now with an additional JFET boost setting.  The center mini toggle switch is an order switcher, which allows you to place the boost before the drive circuit for a bolder overdriven tone with more gain, or place the boost after the drive circuit to keep the original drive tone but with more volume for a solo boost.  The amount of boost is adjustable via the Boost knob. The clarity of the boost is adjustable via an internal bias control, so you can set it up to be a completely clean boost or a saturated dirty boost and anywhere in between. Yes, the boost circuit is completely independent of the drive side, meaning that even with the overdrive turned off, you are able to switch on the boost side for pushing your amp or boosting other pedals.    

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ZAZ Drive

The ZAZ Drive has all those smooth overdrive tones that you've been looking for.  It's a great pedal for light to medium gain rhythm tones and really excels at lead tones with a singing vocal quality to the mid range frequencies. The Tone and Voice knobs work interactively, offering a wide range of sculpting. The Voice knob allows you to dial in the gain placement and low end response to match whatever amp or guitar you may be using. The ZAZ Drive provides a smooth overdrive sound that does a great job at retaining your picking dynamics.  A must have for lead players.